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Bayushi Tagumura 
Bayushi Tagumura 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Month of the Hare of 1130

Bayushi Tagumura was a daimyo of a minor palace near Ryoko Owari and guard to the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Kachiko herself. [1]

Death Edit

In 1130 in the Month of the Hare the alarm was raised when Emperor Toturi I was found to be missing from his chambers, which were bloodied with his fallen guards. [2] The Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Tsukune and led guards through a secret passage beyond the Emperor’s room and encountered Tagumura inside the secret rooms. Tsukune killed him when Tagumura resisted captured, finding in his hands an Akodo Dagger and a piece of Toturi's cloak. Within the dagger's tang was the name of its owner, Akodo Kage, who had died during the Clan War. [1]

Aftermath Edit

Kachiko was accused of Toturi's kidnapping and the Scorpion Clan sent to exile in the Burning Sands. [1]


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