Bayushi Sihaken

Bayushi Sihaken

Bayushi Sihaken was a bushi and magistrate of the Scorpion Clan.

Station Edit

He was an official of the city of Ryoko Owari Toshi and the superior of Soshi Yoshihara. [1]

The Dragon and their tedious emphasis on 'evidence' can be most troubling. If they were not the family of the Empress, we would have to ensure they were no longer a concern.
- Sihaken

Scrutiny of two groups Edit

Ronin group Edit

In 1172 the Scorpion were aware of the presence of three suspicious ronin, Gahseng, Setsuko, and Asagi. One agent was concerned about Asagi, and had requested permission to consult the Kuroiban. [1]

Samurai group Edit

Yoshihara gave Sihaken a message, Bayushi Kurumi, who was journeying with a multi-clan samurai group, had delivered a note in a Scorpion secure station. It together with the ciphered words Kurumi used, advised her Clan that she and her companions carried something of great importance to the clan, something that the clan lost. Sihaken knew that Soshi Idaurin was recently conducting an important transfer in the southern regions, but no news from her had arrived. Even more disturbing was that Bayushi Saka had reported that Kurumi's group had been met by the ronin group, and all of them had moved to Leatherworker's Quarter. The Destroyer War had stretched the forces at his disposal, so they were short of men to seize the important item by force. Sihaken commanded Yoshihara to prepare a mission, to completely burn Leatherworker's Quarter. [1]

Burning the City Edit

Sihaken and his men arrived to the Quarter and detained the samurai and ronin group, who were leaving a building. They were wounded, as if they had been fighting against a worthy opponent. Yoritomo Saburo warned him to cross the door, and requested it should be burned or the Empire would suffer. Sihaken meditated and decided to burn the accursed building. Fires in the City of Lies could not be controlled and all the Quarter burned to the ground. [3] The group remained in the city helping to clear it of the Ghul Lord’s creations, uncovering zombies hideouts, even after the battle where the God Beast of Kali-Ma died. [4]

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