Bayushi Shixiang 
Bayushi Shixiang 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: unnamed Scorpion father, unnamed Unicorn mother

Bayushi Shixiang was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan.

Personality Edit

Like the rest of his clan, Shixiang was a contradiction in many ways. As an assassin he cared little for the tenets of Bushido and the ways of a samurai, yet he carried the daisho of his Unicorn grandfather with great pride. His duty to his clan was to insinuate himself beside other warriors and kill them unexpectedly, although Shixiang would have preferred to match their steel in an open and fair fight. His likable and affable personality made him an ideal choice for these tasks. He performed his duty without complaint or hesitation, but not without feelings of doubt. [1]

Family Edit

Shixiang was half Scorpion, half Unicorn. His mother was a member of the White Guard, who had met Shixiang's father during the exile of the Scorpion Clan, and returned at his side. Shixiang carried his grandfather's name, a great raider who once rode beside the father of Moto Gaheris. [2]

Yojiro's retainer Edit

Bayushi Yojiro ordered Shixiang to deliver a chest to Hojyn, who lived north of Exile's Road. What Shixiang did not know was the chest was empty, and the real target was to scout any trading activities between the Unicorn Clan and the Senpet.

Shixiang was attacked in the Exile's Road by a Tsuno pack. He was wounded, and would have been killed if not for the intervention of Shinjo Shono and Shinjo Huang, who had heard sounds from the attack. After the Unicorn defeated the beasts, they had to choose between killing the Scorpion to maintain their secret gaijin trade, or to let him live and be exposed to the Imperial edict against gaijin trade, the consequences of which were death.

The Unicorn spared his life, who finalized his mission and returned to Kyuden Bayushi. When Yojiro required his report, Shono was already with the Master of Secrets, and they made a deal, exchanging the Scorpion's silence with some benefits from the gaijin trade. [2]

The Onisu Unleashed Edit

In 1159 after the death of Daigotsu's bodyguard, Goju Kyoden, all of the Onisu were unleashed over Rokugan. They infiltrated the homes of the Four Winds and were tasked with killing as many as they could before they themselves were killed. Shixiang was instrumental in the defeat of the onisu Muchitsujo, who attacked Hantei Naseru's headquarters in Ryoko Owari. This event put him at odds with his commanding officer Bayushi Katai. [3]

Death Edit

Death of Shixiang

Death of Shixiang

Shixiang was killed by Shadowed Tower assassin Bayushi Seiryo very shortly after he discovered their existence. He was murdered while he slept. [4] [5]

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