Bayushi Seiko

Bayushi Seiko

Bayushi Seiko was a Scorpion Clan magistrate.

Stations Edit

Seiko was stationed on the Kaiu Wall [1] and in a village near the Spine of the World Mountains. [2]

King of the Trolls Edit

In 958 she learned of the awakening of the King of the Trolls from Asako Gohiro, an Imperial Cartographer who had witnessed the awakening. Seiko enlisted the aid of the zokujin Zgkol and it's tribe the Magn F'Chka. Gohiro, with the knowledge learned from the Zokujin and the assistance of both the zokujin and Seiko, used his magic to again return the King of the Trolls to sleep in the Northern Wall Mountains. The exertion cost Gohiro his life, however his dying wish was for Seiko to raise his son Asako Kyo to serve his lord as she had served hers. [2] Zgkol taught Seiko's descendants the secrets of defeating the King Troll through the next generations. [1]


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