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Bayushi Saito

Bayushi Saito

Bayushi Saito was a bushi and magistrate of the Scorpion Clan. He was an agent of the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen. [1]

Custodying merchant patrons Edit

In 1173 the region of House of False Hope was overrun by Kali-Ma's invading forces during the Destroyer War. The defense of the area had been risked by the maneuvers of a small group of merchant patrons of the Crane, Mantis, and Unicorn Clan at Mura Sabishii Toshi, who were willing to jeopardise Scorpion holdings if there was profit in for them. They were exposed, confronted by Doji Kusari, who placed them under arrest in the custody of Saito. The village's trade industry was handed over to Yoritomo Yashinko on behalf of the Imperial Treasurer. [2]

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