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Bayushi Saigo was a duelist of the Scorpion Clan.

Training Edit

Saigo graduated in the Kakita Dueling Academy. [1]

Dealing with a Crab Edit

A Crab magistrate was suspected of either trying to harm the opium trade or establish his own cartel. Saigo was sent to challenge him, upon accusations to be taking bribes from opium importers. The Crab was disgraced and killed in the duel with Saigo. [2]

Opium War Edit

During the Opium War at Ryoko Owari, Saigo was sent to deal with Otaku Naishi. During the war all the opium cartel had been hampered, and Naishi tried to create a cartel for her own. When Bayushi Otado tried to rebuild the Bayushi cartel after his father's death, he was killed by Naishi in an unathorized duel. A Blood Feud against Naishi was signed by Shinjo Yokatsu and Bayushi Shoju. Naishi sought the protection of the local magistrates, but with the support of the chief magistrate Yogo Osako the Unicorn was forced to confront Saigo and was baited. [3]

Rebuilding the Bayushi cartel Edit

Shoju had sent Saigo to see if the Bayushi's share of the opium market could be salvaged, and appointed him as its new leader. [1]

Legacy Edit

Saigo's victories over other clans' duelists were so notable that the graduates of the Bayushi Bushi dojo devoted to the art of iaijutsu became known as Saigo's Blades. [4]

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