Bayushi Rishu was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Winter Court - 1115 Edit

In 1115 the Imperial Winter Court was held at Shiro Mirumoto hosted by the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Hitomi. She had been trapped to do so by the deceitful Shosuro Nimuri. Rishu went to the Dragon palace as part of Nimuri's entourage. In the last days of the court Nimuri was found beheaded. Kitsuki Yasu confirmed that Mirumoto Miyoki, Hitomi's cousin, was the culprit of the murder of an honored guest under the Dragon protection. Miyoki alleged that Nimuri had slendered the Dragon, but she was sentenced to death as common murderer. [1]

Saving his Life Edit

Hitomi appeared just before Yasu unleashed the killing blow, and modified the sentence to a worse one, to live in shame as a ronin. Rishu objected her decision, but inadvertently had threatened in public the daimyo of the Dragon Clan. Hitomi outmaneuvered him with steeled words and Rishu was glad to survive the day, so he accepted the new sentence in the name of the Scorpion. Miyoki was escorted out of the Dragon lands, and the next day she appeared at Kyuden Togashi as the Tattooed Monk Togashi Miyoki. [1]


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