Bayushi Otado 
Bayushi Otado 
Born: 1105 
Died: 1122 
Parents: Bayushi Korechika,
Bayushi Saisho 
Siblings: Bayushi Omoto

Bayushi Otado was the younger son of Bayushi Korechika and Bayushi Saisho.

Omoto Edit

In 1114 when he was nine-year-old, his parents realized his older sister Bayushi Omoto was less intelligent than him, she was a retard. They kept her inside their state and spread stories of Omoto's death. [1]

Demeanor Edit

His parents became sad and withdrawn, so Otado grew as a brash, angry, young samurai, quick to find insult. Sometimes he smoked opium, or brawled to forget. When he and his infantille daughter were alone Otado was sweet, patient, and loving. He would die for her. [2]

Kidnapped Edit

Otado was kidnapped by the Cult of the Lord Moon, who tried to recreate the Fall of the Kami with descendants of the Kami. The ritual was thwarted by city's magistrates. [3]

Ride competition Edit

In 1121 Otado boasted about the steed his father had gifted him, apparently the better of the Unicorn Clan. Ide Michikane pointed out that a horse was only as good as its rider, and challenged him to a ride around the entire city. To level the challenge Michikune had to make it twice before Otado circled the city once, and the bet were each man's horses. Michikane easily defeated him, but refused to take the prize, dazzling Otado. [4]

Opium War Edit

Korechika was reported that men in Shosuro cartel's armor stole his drugs. The attack on Necessary Village had left him and Otado extremely jumpy and paranoid. It was the beginning of the Opium War. [5]

Father's death Edit

After the Shosuro cartel's central warehouse got burned down Shosuro Hyobu, the city's governor and leader of the Shosuro cartel, rescinded Korechika's license to store legal opium. Her son Shosuro Jocho and a gang of Thunder Guards were dispatched to seize the Bayushi warehouse. Korechika was killed by Jocho, and all the Bayushi defenders died. [6]

Death Edit

Otado tried to rebuild his father's drug empire, menacing some merchants to run his business. A new merchant's patroness appeared, Otaku Naishi, who had taken the opportunity to became the leader of a new cartel. Blades were drawn and Otado was killed. [7]


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