Bayushi Oshiso 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Bayushi Kuninoko 
Titles: Scorpion Clan Champion

Bayushi Oshiso was a Scorpion Clan Champion during the 3rd century [1] and the first Scorpion to find out that the then Togashi family Daimyo and Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Kuzejiro was in fact the Kami Togashi.

Spying on the Dragon Clan Edit

In the year 230 [2] Oshiso sent out his own daughter, Bayushi Kuninoko, to spy on the Dragon Clan. Seven years later she returned, blinded and bearing the news that she was pregnant and that she had learned the true nature of the Dragon Clan Champion, that he was in fact the Kami Togashi himself. She told her father the great secret and left for the Dragon Clan once more, never to return. [3]

Making a Deal Edit

In the year 238 Oshiro met with Togashi, who admitted his identity to Oshiro and promised to share future information with the Scorpion. He also promised a favor to the clan in exchange for claiming Kuninoko as his own. [2] From that point on, all the Scorpion Clan Champions up until Bayushi Kachiko knew the true nature of the Togashi Daimyos, and some even asked for their advice from time to time. [1]

Returning the favor Edit

During the Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow Lake the Scorpion forces, who were losing ground to the Akodo, were supported by a Dragon army. The daimyo of the Dragon sent his army to aid the young Scorpion's father in his darkest hour in return for his daughter. [4]

Preceded by:
Scorpion Clan Champion
(c. 230)
Succeeded by:


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Sources Conflict
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Way of the Dragon Page 26 names the Scorpion Bayushi Oshiro, but several other sources in the same book refers to him as Bayushi Oshiso. It assumed that Oshiro is a typo because of the more frequent use of the other spelling.

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