Bayushi Omoto 
Bayushi Omoto 
Born: 1101 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Bayushi Korechika,
Bayushi Saisho 
Siblings: Bayushi Otado

Bayushi Omoto was a cheerful, and beautiful girl of the Scorpion Clan, who never wore a mask. Since birth, she was mentally retarded.

Family Edit

Omoto was the daughter of Bayushi Korechika and Bayushi Saisho. When she was thirteen her parents realized she was less intelligent than her nine-year-old brother. [1]

Hidden Edit

Her parents consulted many shugenja, but no one could do anything. Korechika saw her as an aberration and kept her hidden in the Bayushi estate. He publicly spread the idea that her daughter had fallen ill and died, and as a secondary lie it was spread a rumor about an enamored servant. [1] She was only allowed in the family part of the house, and was taken out of the secret garden any time a visitor came. [2]

False Story Edit

Supposedly an enamored servant had kidnapped Omoto and tried to force her, but she fought. A threat to starve her until weakness would allow the rape was followed by Omoto destroying her face with her own fingernails. Supposedly she was rescued but the was deeply saddened by her lost beauty, and she felt cursed by the Kami Bayushi for not wearing her mask, and committed suicide. A grim story which was not true at all. [3]


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