Bayushi Norimasa was a yojimbo of the Scorpion Clan.

Winter Court - 1199 Edit

In 1199 Norimasa attended winter court at Toshi Ranbo, he fell in love with Seppun Yukiko, and they were betrothed. [1] He was one of the many samurai who helped slay the Oni that attacked the Imperial City and princess Iweko Miaka. Norimosa honored Yasuki Aitoko, who had died during the fires of the Imperial Library. [2]

Scorpion Wall is Breached Edit

In 1200 Rishou was at the command of a Black Cabal unit when he engaged a Lion army advancing into the Scorpion lands, nearby the Second Festering Pit. During the Battle at the Second Pit the Rokugani were surprised by the attack of Oni, appearing from a breach in the Scorpion Wall. The Scorpion had not realized the situation and had kept on fighting their Lion foe. By the time the reality of the situation fell upon them, it was too late. [3]


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