Bayushi Mokuyei was a junshin of the Scorpion Clan and Kolat conspirator.

Kolat Edit

Mokuyei had been a Kolat since his childhood, becoming part of the conspiracy. The Kolat Master and Unicorn Clan Champion Shinjo Yokatsu endorsed him to research a scroll which contained a series of prophecies, some of which had already come to pass. He worked alongside the Henshin Asako Kensei in an attempt to understand the scroll hidden away in the abandoned Scorpion keep of Heavens Crossroads, located within the Spine of the World Mountains near the Lion border. [1]

Death Edit

In 1127 he found Kensei murdered by Yokatsu, his neck snapped. Yokatsu then ordered Mokuyei to take the rest of his personal guard and pose as Scorpion ronin and confront an incoming group of former Imperial Guards led by Seppun Ishikawa. Knowing that Ishikawa far out numbered them Yokatsu told him that it had to look convincing so that when Ishikawa found the scroll he would to divert his attention away from the Kolat and instead to the prophecies within the scroll. The reason behind this was that Ishikawa was performing an investigation which put the Kolat secrecy at risk. Mokuyei followed Yokatsu's command and was killed in the ensuing fight. [1]

Scroll Edit

The scroll told about how the Emperor would be corrupted from within, and fall to the Deceivers. Many believed it foretold the return of Fu Leng on the corpse of Hantei XXXIX, but the Kolat knew the scroll was telling the threat of the Shadows, [1] so it was a prophecy on the Lying Darkness' hold over the future Toturi I.


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