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Bayushi Mitsuo 
Bayushi Mitsuo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Bayushi Mitsuo was a ninja and bushi of the Scorpion Clan.

Quest Edit

His uncle was Bayushi Muhito, and he sought what had happened to him. [1] Muhito had disappeared days before Mitsuo was born. It has been a burning obsession to discover the truth about his uncle since Mitsuo's gempukku, and he strongly suspects that a Crane samurai-ko was involved in some ways, [2] most probably because he knew the special relationship between him and Kakita Korihime. [3] [4]

Cousin Edit

In 1199 he learned what happened to his uncle, when he confronted Kakita Mitohime, who revealed as his cousin. She told that Muhito and Korihime had been lovers, and that she had been their daughter. Muhito knew that she would be disgraced before the clan for bearing a child out of wedlock. He had intended to take the child at birth and raise it among his clan, and Korihime would be able to continue her life without interruption, as a gift that he wished to give her. She was not willing to surrender the child when it was born, and killed Muhito. Mitsuo left Mitohime, and swore Korihime would pay his uncle's death. [5]

Death Edit

Mitsuo eventually confronted Mitohime in the city of Tsuma, and the Crane duelist killed him. [6]

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