Bayushi Manami

Bayushi Manami

Bayushi Manami was a bushi, yojimbo and paragon of the Scorpion Clan who lived in the late twelfth, early thirteenth century. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Manami was in heart a man of honor, devoted beyond reproach. Despite it he did not falter when required to commit questionable acts. He was eagerly sought as a husband by many powerful courtiers, but as of yet his value as a yojimbo was too great. [2]

Dominated Edit

Manami was one of the Scorpion members on the Colonies, who owned a private estate in the Imperial District He was eventually exposed to a gaijin influence of great power, the Crystal Wind, an slumbering ashalan. The creature was attempting to create sympathy among the people of the Second City so that it could make a more overt attempt to reach them and establish diplomatic relations with the Colonials. The Ashalan used crystal from an outcropping in the southern reaches of the Colonies, and used to monitor the Colonies during his centuries-long slumber in a place of seclusion in the Colonies. The Ashalan subjugated Manami's will because the bushi was exposed to concentrated sources of Crystal Wind's power, and was on the brink of being absolute. [3]

Under the Will of the Crystal Wind Edit

Manami gave a gift to an old friend from the Crane Clan, Doji Nikaitsu, a crystal netsuke crafted to become part of a sorcerous network created by the Crystal Wind. The creature used Nikaitsu as a pawn, Nikaitsu began composing poems related to the pursuit of gaijin lore and lost tomes from the Ivory Kingdoms. Nikaitsu's change of heart and wavering focus has left his personal affairs in a general state of chaos. [4] In 1198 Manami met Shosuro Tanzaki, to give him a map of the region the courtier was of interest, where it was located the lair of the Crystal Wind. [5]

Exposed Edit

Manami attempted to battle over control with the Ashalan, but he was the weakest of the two conflicting consciousnesses, being soundly defeated. A group of samurai who were investigating Nikaitsu's bizarre behavour had arrived to his personal estate, and managed to interfere with the representation of Crystal Wind's consciousness. Manami passed to the group of samurai all what he knew about the Ashalan, and the location of the crystal outcropping. [6]

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Bayushi Manami


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