Bayushi Kuninoko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Bayushi Oshiso 
Spouse: Togashi 
Children: Togashi Hoshi

Bayushi Kuninoko was a Scorpion shugenja [1] and the daughter of Bayushi Oshiso, the Scorpion Clan Champion during the 3rd century, wife of the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Kuzejiro and mother of Togashi Hoshi. She stole and passed the 12th Black Scroll to her lover.

Spying on the Dragon Edit

In the year 230 [2] Bayushi Oshiso sent his daughter to spy on the Togashi family. Kuninoko had been one of the most talented students at the Shosuro school at the time, and successfully learned the most heavily guarded secret of the Dragon Clan. [3] [4]

The Secret, the Black Scroll and a Child Edit

Kuninoko earned the trust of the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Kuzejiro, and the two fell in love. [3] [4] When she had moved to the Dragon lands Kuninoko secretely had taken the 12th Black Scroll, and after Togashi shared with her his deepest secret, she gave the scroll to him. [5] Seven years later she returned, blinded and bearing the news that she was pregnant and that she had learned the true nature of the Dragon Clan Champion, that he was in fact the Kami Togashi himself. Kuninoko confirmed to her father that Togashi was the father of the child, and then left for Dragon lands never to return. [3] [4] The next year [2] Kuninoko gave birth to a son, Togashi Hoshi. [6]

Kuninoko's Fate Edit

Oshiso sent several spies to Dragon lands in an attempt to retrieve his daughter, but none returned. [3] There was a frequent appearance of a ghost known as the White Woman in Dragon lands. [7] It was unknown if the ghost was that of Kuninoko, but the Scorpion certainly believed to it be her. [3]

Tale of Hoshi Edit

A famous story, the Tale of Hoshi, depicted the story of a young samurai-ko who wandered mistakenly into the Dragonlands and returned with a young son. [8] Supposedly Kuninoko was the samurai-ko.


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