Bayushi Kosaku

Bayushi Kosaku

Bayushi Kosaku was a bushi and magistrate of the Scorpion Clan.

Destroyer War Edit

Kosaku had not been fully trained as a commander, and it was only necessity that placed him as leader of his military forces. [1]

Trap for Destroyers Edit

In 1172 a group of Destroyers broke away the main army and entered Scorpion territory. Kosaku prepared a trap to destroy the foe, aided by Crab and Crane forces led by Hida Demopen and Doji Shikana. Dragon's Teeths were built underneath the surface of the flooded rice paddies, and the land was laced with oil to be burned with the enemy inside. Crab and Scorpion men would sacrifice to goad the gaijin demons into the trap. [2]

Camp attacked Edit

The Destroyers attacked at dawn the combined Crab-Scorpion camp. Demopen had roused immediately and began shouting orders to mount a defense. Kosaku had not become ready so quickly and the Scorpion forces lay in disarray for much of the fight. [1]

Gaining ground Edit

Following the tactics suggested by his advisor Demopen, his forces gained ground to the Destroyers. Kosaku offered the command to the Crab, who he saw as more suited to the post. [1]

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