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Bayushi Korechika 
Bayushi Korechika 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1122 
Spouse: Bayushi Saisho 
Children: Bayushi Omoto,
Bayushi Otado

Bayushi Korechika was the leader of the Bayushi cartel at Ryoko Owari Toshi, the second biggest smuggler of opium in Rokugan.

Family Edit

Korechika married Bayushi Saisho, a woman he loved, and the couple had a cheerful daughter, Bayushi Omoto, and later a son, Bayushi Otado. [1] Rumors that Korechiko approached Ikoma Yoriko to became her lover were spread. It was untrue, Yoriko was a samurai-ko who had a vow of celibacy, and also because of Korechika's love for his wife. [2]

Hobby Edit

Korechika used to collect exotic birds. [3]

Omoto's Death Edit

In 1114, when Omoto was thirteen it was clear she had less intelligence than her nine-year-old brother. Many shugenja were consulted, including the Phoenix Asako Kinto, but no one could aid his daughter. Korechika did not overcome it, and plotted to clean the family's stain. His daughter supposedly became ill and died, but she was instead alive and hidden in the Bayushi state. Another story was also spread, involving an enamorated servant [4] who kidnapped and tried forced Omoto, which would lead eventually in her death. [5]

Cartel Leader Edit

In 1118 the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju appointed Korechika as leader of the cartel. He expanded the organization [4] and began to destroy every Shinjo merchant asset there. "Horse", a former vassal of the Unicorn, shifted her loyalties to the Bayushi. [6] She created the cartel's land distribution network. He worked to put the Mantis territory under the cartel influence, and tried to get the Soshi cartel against the Shosuro cartel. [4]

Opium War Edit

Korechika was reported that men in Shosuro cartel's armor stole his drugs. The attack on Necessary Village had left him and his son extremely jumpy and paranoid. It was the beginning of the Opium War. [7] Korechika kidnapped Shosuro Kimi, the daughter of the Shosuro leader, Shosuro Hyobu. He took her as a hostage, but after the magistrates requested him to release the girl, she left the Bayushi state. [8]

Death Edit

After the Shosuro cartel's central warehouse got burned down Hyobu rescinded Korechika's license to store legal opium. Her son Shosuro Jocho and a gang of Thunder Guards were dispatched to seize the Bayushi warehouse. Korechika was killed by Jocho, and all the Bayushi defenders died. [9]

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