Bayushi Konitsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Bayushi Kiwadoi

Bayushi Konitsu was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan.

Gakka Province Edit

Konitsu was infamous for his savagery in the battlefield. Her sister Bayushi Kiwadoi, a rikugunshokan of the Scorpion Clan, unleashed him against the Lion, in the struggle for the control of Gakka province. [1] In the field he was confronted by Ikoma Jidai, whose commander Akodo Unmei expected to be Konitsu's bane. [2]

Defeated Edit

Konitsu was defeated in battle by the Lion, and near the end he realized his twin sister had been sent him to fail. The loss of their legion would draw the Lion further forward, thinking they had momentum on their side. Konitsu feigned death, and eventually slain Ikoma Ikuya and the Imperial Observer Otomo Hokan, who had come to the field to oversee the Scorpion defeat. [3]

Taking Command Edit

Eventually, his sister was goaded into a duel by Doji Seiyami and killed. Konitsu was forced to take command, [4] combining control of the army and stewardship of the province as its new daimyo. He was immediately betrothed, chosing a most unusual option in the form of the Doji maiden responsible for his sister's death. His command staff seized a Taoist temple located in a strategic site as their new headquarters for this war, and entrenched there. Even Abbot Ayushen's personal quarters were commandeered. Eventually Akodo Unmei stormed the temple and killed the defenders to a man, alienating the Brotherhood of Shinsei. [5] The Lion had tainted themselves with dishonor in order to achieve mere temporal victory on the field. Some requested Unmei's seppuku for his actions, but he refused. Ikoma Jun, the political leader of the Lion efforts, gave up all rights to the captured domain. [6]


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