Bayushi Kiyogimi

Bayushi Kiyogimi Demasked

Bayushi Kiyogimi was the nephew of the Scorpion Clan Champion when Akodo Hirano was Lion Clan Champion, and grandson of Bayushi Mochiko, the mother of the Champion. One day the birthday of Mochiko was being celebrated when a Crab had been sent to present a gift from the Hida family Lord to the dowager. The Crab gave the gift and left, and Kiyogimi followed wishing not to be left in such an abrupt and rude manner. Harrassing the Crab all the way to the stables the Crab finally turned and tore off Kiyogimi's mask saying after an insult about bathing. Icy relations ensued between the Bayushi family and Hida, but the Bayushi were forced to give up after getting nowhere with the Crab. [1]


  1. Way of the Crab, pp. 12-14

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