Please note: This article is about the corrupt man who was killed by the Thirty-One Ronin. For other uses of the term, please see Kira (disambiguation).

Bayushi Kira was born of low rank but his wealth brought him an important position. All visiting daimyo needed to report to him to be appraised of the new etiquette and behavior. He became corrupt by the power that the Hitojichi Laws brought him and he demanded large bribes to keep the daimyo up to date. [1]

Death of Hiruma Asano Edit

Kira's greed and treachery led to Hiruma Asano's seppuku, and the confiscation of Shiro Asano by Emperor Hantei XIII. Asano's men, led by Hiruma Oishi, became ronin and swore a vow of vengeance against Kira. For a while Kira enlisted a spy network to keep tabs on Oishi and his men. As time passed Kira's money dwindled, and reports returned of Oishi drinking sake and spending time with geisha. The other men were taking other jobs, and Kira eventually replaced his spy network with sixty loyal bushi. [2]

Death Edit

A year to the day of Asano's death, 31 men dressed in the garbs of firemen broke into Kira's home. While the guards were being defeated an elderly ronin stood before the gates to the house with a sign proclaiming the thirty one men to be the ronin of Shiro Asano, that they were here to avenge the death of their master with the death of Bayushi Kira, and that they meant others no harm. Oishi himself took the head of Kira, and brought it to the tomb of Asano to presented it to his master. Oishi and his Thirty-One Ronin later surrendered to the Emperor's men, and were allowed to commit seppuku. Since then the Crab Clan have held a celebration for the Thirty-One Ronin every year on the day of Kira's death. [3]


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