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Bayushi Kenzo was a gunso of the Scorpion Clan.

Duelist Edit

Kenzo grew up in Ryoko Owari, from a long line of Scorpion magistrates. He focused on the art of iaijutsu dueling and gained a reputation for engaging in illegal duels. Kenzo eventually began a love affair with Ikoma Kotone, a former childhood friend. [1]

Naishou Province Edit

As gunso Kenzo was part of a Scorpion army which had tried to seize Naishou province against the Crane forces. The arrival of the new Imperial Governor Miya Ansho halted the hostilities. Kenzo was assigned to accompany his commander into the Governor's court, and he met Kotone again, a member of the Lion forces supporting the new Governor. He promised Kotone he would gain enough prestige to arrange for their marriage. They worried that their duties might somehow wind up putting them on opposite sides of a future conflict. [1]

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