Bayushi Kawamura 
Bayushi Kawamura 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Ghost of Traitor's Grove

Bayushi Kawamura was the guardian of Traitor's Grove and was called the "Ghost of Traitor's Grove" [1] since her appointment in 1139. [2]

Appearance Edit

Kawamura was a lonely woman with the gift of magic so rare in her family. [1] Her mask was an expressionless face of pure silver, a dagger painted on its fore­ head to symbolize the sacred knife that transferred traitorous spirits into the trees in the grove. [2]

Ghost of Traitor's Grove Edit

Kawamura was the eldest child of her family, chosen to take care of the grove, [2] tending the trees and keeping them healthy and strong to make sure the tormented souls bound within them never escape. One day, she would die and her duties and mask would pass to another. Few paid any attention to Kawamura. Not many samurai even chose to acknowledge her existence, so loathsome was her duty. [1]

Yojiro Edit

The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Yojiro visited the grove and Kawamura spoke with him, sharing what she had seen and heard there. This was the only time Kawamura was known to speak; she would speak to no one but the true Scorpion Champion. [2] In 1150 Kawamura met Yojiro who visited the grove seeking the spirit Bayushi Baku. Yojiro suggested Baku had earned the right to undergo the ritual rendering him mortal once more, but Kawamura argued against it as it would not be in Baku's best interest. [1]

Return of Baku Edit

In 1159, at which time Kawamura had become an old woman, Baku returned to Traitor's Grove. He had sensed a conflict within the Scorpion Clan and intended to discover who was behind it by travelling to Kyuden Bayushi and confronting Bayushi Yojiro. [1]

Next Guardian Edit

Her nephew Bayushi Hoitsu ahd been chosen as the next guardian of the grove. [2]


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