Please note: This article is about Bayushi Ogura's karo and yojimbo. For other uses of the term, please see Katai (disambiguation).
Bayushi Katai

Bayushi Katai

Bayushi Katai was Bayushi Ogura's karo and yojimbo. [1] As a Witness of the Shadowed Tower, she was charged with the mission of killing her master if he ever became possessed by the taint. [2]

King of the Trolls Edit

In 1159 her charge Ogura had put to rest the King of the Trolls near the Seikitsu Pass using a powerful sacrificial spell. With the same magical knowledge used by the Shadowed Tower to pass taint to others, Ogura managed the spell to kill Kuni Junji, a Kuni Witch Hunter who had been investigating Ogura on suspicion of maho. Katai helped Soshi Natsuo, cousin to Ogura, turn Junji's home inside out and stolen the Witch Hunter's journals. [3]

The Onisu Unleashed Edit

This year after the dead of Daigotsu's bodyguard, Goju Kyoden, all onisu were unleashed over Rokugan. They should infiltrated the homes of the Four Winds and killed until their own death. Katai was the commander of the Scorpion Clan forces in charge of protecting Ryoko Owari Toshi, Hantei Naseru's headquarter, during the attacks of two of Daigotsu's Onisu, Muchitsujo and Fushin. Desperate to stop them at any cost, she attempted to sacrifice the samurai under her command to destroy the two Onisu burning pitch in the Moment's Edge Bridge. However, Bayushi Shixiang and Bayushi Kwanchai deliberately disobeyed her orders and fought the two monsters one on one, defeating each by themselves. Katai was displeased with their actions, but Bayushi Sunetra stopped her from punishing them with a sharp reprimand and a threat. [4]

Shadowed Tower Uncovered Edit

Katai was eventually punished alongside other members of the Shadowed Tower for treason to the Scorpion Clan and the Empire. [citation needed]

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