Bayushi Kanihime 
Bayushi Kanihime 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Bayushi Kwanchai,
Bayushi Hisako 
Spouse: Bayushi Nitoshi 
Children: Kaiko 
Titles: Scorpion Clan Champion

Bayushi Kanihime was a ninja duelist of the Scorpion Clan.

Married Edit

Kanihime was the daughter of the Scorpion hero Bayushi Kwanchai. She eventually married to the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Nitoshi, and in time they bore a daughter, known as Kaiko. [1]

War with Lion Edit

In 1200 Seiken had to visit each of the Great Clans before he returned to Toshi Ranbo to become the Emperor Iweko II. Bayushi Fuyuko was tasked to show off the wonders of the Scorpion which would keep the Lion from attacking while he was present. She realized that her Lord's wife, Bayushi Kanihime, had opposed her efforts. Kanihime had spread a rumor that keeping Seiken ‘trapped’ in Scorpion lands was not wise, and that the Scorpion were willing to give up half their allotted time to receive Seiken and cede it to the Lion. She arranged that once he became Emperor Iweko II would make up the loss of time in Scorpion lands by sending his sister Iweko Miaka, who would visit strategic points along the path of Lion's attack. The stalling tactic would hold the Lion forces at bay. [2]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

Stealing Scrolls Edit

Kanihime is defended by Gaki

Kanihime is defended by Gaki

Nitoshi was aware that a new threaten to the Empire was to come. He ordered to find every scroll that mentioned the Sacred Seals [3] and to leave such secrets only to the Scorpion. [4] Kanihime was sent [5] to the Ikoma Halls, where ancestors of the Lion shimmered into existence, barring their path. The hungry dead spilled forth to defend Kwanchai's daughter from the Lion ancestors. [6]

Nitoshi's Death Edit

This year Nitoshi offered his allegiance to Daigotsu Kanpeki, leader of the rebellious Spider Clan, being Kanihime and her daughter taken as hostages. Once Nitoshi revealed his loyalty to the Empire, the Soshi Daimyo Soshi Kitaiko get them out of Kanpeki's reach. Nitoshi was instrumental to secure the Iweko family when the Spider stormed Toshi Ranbo, denying Kanpeki's real target, Iweko II. Her husband died in a duel with Kanpeki as a Rokugani hero. [7]

The Third Seal is Broken Edit

As leader of her Clan, Kanihime was present in the Imperial Court at Toshi Ranbo. The Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada blamed that the rebellious Spider forces had vanished before the assembled Rokugani armies would engage them. The Phoenix revealed the location of the Third Seal, which was eventually destroyed by an endless horde of Shadowlands creatures. The Mantis Islands fell and the Rise of Jigoku was unleashed. [8]

Preceded by:
Bayushi Nitoshi
Scorpion Clan Champion
1200 - Present
Succeeded by:

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