Please note: This article is about the bushi known as the Mad Ronin. For other uses of the term, please see Kageki (disambiguation).
Bayushi Kageki 
Bayushi Kageki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Three un-named brothers

Bayushi Kageki was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan, who after he lost his family became the Mad Ronin. He recovered his sanity and his place between his brethren.

Shadowed Tower Edit

His parent and three brohers indoctrinated Kageki in the Shadowed Tower philosophy. For a time, what they said made sense for him, but he realized where his loyalty lied and abandoned them. His brothers turned on him and they were cut down by Kageki's sword. Kageki exposed his father who was killed in the Traitor's Grove. He regreted and mourned the lost of his family and became mad. He was known as the Mad Ronin. [1]

Mad Ronin Edit

Mad Ronin

The Mad Ronin

Kageki wandered alone, and the travelers avoided a man who talk to himself and had haunting dreams. A nezumi, Chirtk, walked with him many months, since the day the Mad Ronin saved Chirtk's life. The ratling tried to heal him, listening to his rambling, trying to understand what had happened and making him remember. The nezumi finally reached the forest where the Traitor's Grove was located, and Kageki was a bit more clear. [1]

Regaining his sanity Edit

In 1166 the ronin killed three renegade Kaeru who tried to kill Ide Tang, the Ide Daimyo. Chirtk forced Tang to return the favor, and surprisingly the Ide knew the basics of the history. Tang aided to make remember Kageki, and to forgive his family and himself. The ghosts of his family had been restless because they were unavenged, they were executed for the Tower's crimes and its leader remained unscathed. Kageki was surprised to know that Bayushi Atsuki could not be really dead. The ronin regained his sanity and returned with his kinsmen completely recovered. [1]

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