Bayushi Junzen 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Bayushi Tesaguri 
Titles: Scorpion Clan Champion

Bayushi Junzen was the Scorpion Clan Champion in the 5th century.

Enmity Edit

Junzen bore an enmity upon his closest cousin, Bayushi Atsuki. They clashed for years over many aspects of Scorpion policy. While Junzen discovered the long-term plans of the Gozoku devised by Atsuki, his cousin forged records showing Junzen was of Yogo descent and carried the Yogo Curse. He was sent to a minor outpost on the Scorpion-Crab border. [1]

Anti-Gozoku Edit

In 435 the newly appointed Empress Hantei Yugozohime called for the arrest of Atsuki as leader of the Gozoku, traitors to the Hantei, but his daughter the Scorpion Champion Bayushi Minoko refused. Those who no supported the rebellion against the Imperial orders rallied behind Bayushi Junzen, an old family rival of Atsuki. Minoko was killed and Junzen became the new Clan Champion. [2]

Son Edit

Junzen's son, Bayushi Tesaguri, was born on the third day of the Month of the Monkey. [3] Tesaguri grew up to become both an able general and capable shugenja, who proved his value to the clan time and time again [4]

Distrusting the Yogo Edit

In 445, after his faith in the Yogo family had been waning, Junzen decided to take some of the Black Scrolls from them. Believing them untrustworthy, Junzen took the forth, fifth, and sixth Black Scrolls from the Yogo and entrusted them to Tesaguri. [4]

Betrayal Edit

Unfortunately, Tesaguri was not nearly as trustworthy as his father had believed him to be. Seeing an opportunity for a quick profit, and sold the original scrolls to the Phoenix Clan, created forgeries to put in their place. Tesaguri went about his business suspecting that no one would be any the wiser for it, until the Yogo Daimyo Yogo Ichinore discovered the betrayal. Junzen was informed and Tesaguri fled, only to be hunted down and captured. Tesaguri's soul was bound to a tree in Traitor's Grove, the first to be subjected to that practice. [4]


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Preceded by:
Bayushi Minoko
Scorpion Clan Champion
435 - ?
Succeeded by:

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