Bayushi Jinn-Ja

Bayushi Jinn-Ja

Bayushi Jinn-Ja was a courtier and mastermind of the Scorpion Clan. He had a sake addiction. Bayushi Kotomuri was his yojimbo. [1]

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Using the Egg of P'an Ku upon Paneki's Disgrace Edit

The mad dragon P'an Ku had spread several Egg of P'an Ku in the Colonies. Jinn-Ja found one of these eggs and copied Paneki's Disgrace, [2] following his lord's orders. After two decades hunting the Disgrace Shosuro Aroru had decided to use the Egg to create a duplicate of the monster. He expected the doppleganger could lead them to the true Disgrace, and it was known the duplicates and those whom were duplicated had some degree of instinctive hatred for one another. [3]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

In 1200 the rebellious Spider Clan had the upperhand in their goal to rule the Empire. The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Nitoshi offered to the enemy leader Daigotsu Kanpeki his services, and the services of half of his Clan. The Scorpion Clan Champion had delivered to Kanpeki the heads of the Crane Clan Champion Doji Makoto and the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Tsukimi to prove his allegiance. Jinn-Ja and his fellow courtiers Shosuro Makiko, Bayushi Fuyuko and Shosuro Yamazaki were demolished, with their clan ruined at Imperial Court. In audience with Iweko II Fuyuko asked for the right commit seppuku as an entire Clan to absolve the Scorpion name. The Emperor refused the request, as he wished the Great Clans to be united, shortly before the Spider stormed Toshi Ranbo. Nitoshi and his Clan were instrumental to secure the Iweko family, denying Kanpeki's real target, Iweko II. [4]

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