Bayushi Ishikura

Bayushi Ishikura

Bayushi Ishikura was a bushi, kensai and commander of the Scorpion Clan and a student of the Bitter Lies.

Appearance Edit

Ishikura was the size of a Crab and carried more weapons than any one warrior should ever have use for. He was a survivor. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Ishikura commanded the Bayushi Elite Guards during the Destroyer War. [2] The Elite Guard alongside the Lioness Legion engaged and defeated an enemy force whose members appeared to be Rokugani, but that they flew banners with symbols associated with the Destroyers. [3]

Scorpion lands Edit

In 1173 the Destroyers resumed their offensive in Ishikura's homelands. Southern Watch Keep would be lost and ordered a ronin unit of the Legion of Two Thousand to withdraw. His commander, Tarui, decided to sacrifice themselves to buy Ishikura enough time for his men to fall back and find reinforcements. [1]

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