Bayushi Ietsuna was a bushi courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Bayushi Ietsuna was a dangerous man. His every action, movement, and word served as a warning to those around him. He was inscrutable, charming, and seethed with an understated menace that put everyone in his presence ill at ease. To Ietsuna, it was a game. It was the subtlest form of manipulation, and only those who could overcome the aura of danger he exuded were truly worth of his respect. [1]

The irony was that Ietsuna was not as dangerous as he appeared. He was a talented warrior, but not a prodigy. He was a cunning social opponent, but not brilliant. And he was talented in arts that others would find disgraceful, but he rarely put them to use. Rather, Ietsuna's duty was to present a diversion for his clan's enemies. He used his gift, the gift of presence, to put others on the defensive, allowing his more subtle clanmates to operate with a reduced chance of detection. As he gained experience, however, there was no doubt that Ietsuna would become a force in his own right, and one day the fear others seemed to have of him will be well-deserved. [1]


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