Bayushi Hurunayi

Bayushi Hurunayi

Bayushi Hurunayi was a ninja and courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Working for his Clan Edit

Hurunayi was a well known courtier with standing invitation in a number of courts across the Empire. No one outside the clan suspected his amazing prowess at smuggling weapons into secure locations and putting them to terrible use when the time would come. [1] Dour, quiet, and always frowning, Hurunayi was a man who seemed to have absolutely no humor. [2]

Colonies Edit

Hurunayi became an Imperial Nakado and was moved to the Second City by request of the new Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime. The joyless man went about his duties with a logical and efficient air. [3] Hurunayi ensured that marriages among the new lines of nobility in the Colonies would be orderly and follow precedent. [2]

True Agenda Edit

Hurunayi was a skilled shinobi who had been sent by his lord Bayushi Nitoshi to root out those who would plot against Suikihime and to be her spy amongst the disloyal factions of the Second City. Seeming dissatisfied and unhappy with his present situation, Hurunayi presented a target for those who wish to recruit high-ranking individuals into conspiracies against the Governor. [2]

Finding Treasures Edit

In 1198 he was so bored of the Second City's court that joined the administration of the various new holdings the Scorpion Clan had acquired during the exploration of the Empty Plains. There he found an old thieves' den, something that had belonged to someone named Barah, where he took a gaijin book. There was only one word that he recognized, Shaharazad. [4]

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