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Bayushi Hisako 
Bayushi Hisako 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Bayushi Kwanchai 
Children: Bayushi Kanihime 
Titles: Honor's Lesson Sensei

Bayushi Hisako was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan and student of the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies.

Marriage Edit

Hisako was the second wife of Bayushi Kwanchai. [1]

Dark Sword Edit

Bayushi Hisako 2

Bayushi Hisako

She was surprisingly calm and collected for a Bitter Lies Swordsman. She was also a sensei at the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies Dojo. [1] Under her leadership the dojo gained fame and respect between the Scorpion. [2] She was selected as a sensei of the Honor's Lesson Dojo, which had begun to train the Bitter Lies school. [3]

Test of the Emerald Champion Edit

Hisako participated in the Test of the Emerald Champion in 1169, where she made it to the semifinals. She notably defeated Akasha in a duel during that contest, where the two women bonded both over their unusual backgrounds and the peculiarity of their respective husbands. [4] Hisako was defeated against Kakita Noritoshi. [5] She was appointed as yojimbo to the new Emerald Champion, Shosuro Jimen. [6]

Pregnancy Edit

At the time of Kwanchai's death in 1169, Hisako was pregnant by him, expecting a girl. [1] Her daughter, Bayushi Kanihime, would eventually marry the Scorpion Champion Bayushi Nitoshi. [7]

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