Bayushi Hinoko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Bayushi Watoken,
un-named Suzume maiden

Bayushi Hinoko was a samurai-ko of the Scorpion Clan.

Killing her Father Edit

Hinoko was the daughter of a harsh samurai named Bayushi Watoken, the result of an ill-conceived marriage to a Suzume woman. She eventually poisoned the food of her demanding father to get rid of his abusing manners. [1]

Station Edit

Hinoko excelled in her training, and she even won a contest of archery in the Bayushi court. After her gempukku in 1199 she wore a porcelain grimace of a demon, and was appointed under the command of Bayushi Yamada, a dour sempai who despised her Sparrow heritage. Their first mission was to retrieve a letter from Mirumoto messengers in the Shinpi province. Hinoko managed to kill both messengers, and found that Yamada had fallen, his body tumbling over the cliff and down. She let him to lose his grip and saw how her sempai died. Hinoko presented the scroll to her lord Bayushi Nitoshi, earning his compliments. [1]


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