Bayushi Haronobu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Yoritomo Gonkuro's son (adopted) 
Titles: Thunder's Dagger Dojo Sensei

Bayushi Haronobu was the sensei of the Thunder's Dagger Dojo in middle 12th century.

Quest Edit

The Master Sensei of the dojo was assassinated, so Haronobu and the other sensei investigated, finding Yoritomo Gonkuro, a powerful Mantis lord, as the mastermind of the murder. Haronobu confronted the Mantis, and after a deadly battle in which Haronobu's companions fell, he spared the killer's life. In return, Haronobu took Gonkuro's youngest son, to be raised as a Scorpion. Gonkuro agreed, faked his death, and fled into hiding. As Haranobu had beem the only one who returned alive, he was appointed as the new sensei. [1]

Adopted Son Edit

For ten years Haronobu trained Gonkuro's son as his own son, who remembered nothing of his former life. Once the boy would undergo his gempukku, Haronobu would tell his adopted son the truth, of how the methods and techniques that he loved so much were almost destroyed, and that his true father abandoned him to save his own life. Haronobu knew Gonkuro's son would accept his first assignment, to find and kill his true father. [1]


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