Bayushi Hajioki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Bayushi Aramoro 
Titles: Scorpion Clan Champion

Bayushi Hajioki was the Scorpion Clan Champion during the reign of Hantei X

Hajioki and the Ninja Myth Edit

Hantei X ordered Hajioki to end the ninja network of the Scorpion Clan. Many ninja, including Hajioki's brother, Bayushi Aramoro, were executed. [1] [2]

The death of his brother convinced Hajioki that an intricate lie was needed to keep the network of Scorpion spies efficient. After consulting with the daimyo of the Shosuro, Soshi and Yogo families, he finally came to a decision: to create a myth about a conspiracy out of the Scorpion's control that would take the blame for the actual machinations of the Clan.

Shosuro Nodage was placed in charge of the mission, and accomplished it with great success. [2]

Creation of the Lying Darkness Edit

The destruction of the ninja network led to the creation of one of the most dangerous threats to Rokugan. One of the ninja driven from the Scorpion, Goju, was full of pain and isolation. The man was eventually touched by the Nothing, and infected by Goju's madness, the Nothing was twisted into the Lying Darkness. The new entity was an evil power which would try to undone the world. [3]

Preceded by:
Scorpion Clan Champion
late 5th century
Succeeded by:


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