Bayushi Guardian Spirits was fanatically loyal Scorpion who returned from the grave to protect his clan, happening once every other generation. [1]

Confused Spirits Edit

These guardian spirits were generally a sad, confused lot, who had lost their place in the kharmic cycle. They did not understand that they were dead and had no concept of time, getting in the way more than they helped. This situation ended when they were convinced that they must move on to Yomi by Scorpion shugenja. [2]

Awared Edit

Very rarely one of these guardian spirits became aware of his surroundings, recognizing the time and place in which he lived. Most of them moved on, but even there was an example of one who remained, Bayushi Baku. He haunted Kyuden Bayushi for centuries offering his advice to the Scorpion Clan Champion and his kin, his memories and histories lost when the Lying Darkness attacked the histories at Shiro no Soshi. [2]

Known Bayushi Guardian Spirit Edit


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