Bayushi Eitarou 
Bayushi Eitarou 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Bayushi Shamate

Bayushi Eitarou was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan.

Family Edit

Eitarou had a sister, Bayushi Shamate. She married to Matsu Hataki and joined her husband's family as Matsu Shamate. She died shortly after of mysterious causes. Eitarou knew that Shamate's husband could not be guilty, and convinced his father not to pursue vengeance on the Lion. Hataki began a quest to find the murderer, spending two years to find him. [1]

True history of Hataki and Shamate Edit

Shamate had been killed by Eitarou's cousin, Bayushi Kuemon. Hataki found and killed Kuemon in a mountain pass, to be killed by overwhelming Scorpion forces. The pass was renamed as Shamate Pass in Hataki's honor, and the honor of his quest. [2] A peasant hid in the nearby rocks had witnessed the battle and carried word of it to Matsu Nimuro, who ordered that the pass be named in honor of Hataki's love. The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Yojiro agreed, and both clans agreed to use the pass in peace. [3]

Shamate Pass Edit

Eaitarou was appointed as captain of the Scorpion honor guard in the Lion lands, on the northern end. It was Eitarou who suggested the exchange of guards between the two clans, and together he and Hataki's cousin Matsu Hitaru were granted the honor of defending their siblings' memory. [3]

Hataki's Forged Scrolls Edit

A group of samurai found a sack with scrolls written by Hataki. In the notes the Lion told he was very close to finding Shamate's murderer, but provide little proof other than that Hataki "feels certain" that Shamate's former lover was responsible. The notes indicated that Hataki was leaving to search for the culprit in a small, unnamed pass to the south. The group met Bayushi Seiryo and Soshi Natsuo, distant cousins of Kuemon, who had planted the scrolls, hoping to call into question Kuemon's guilt and painted Hataki as a raving lunatic obsessed with vengeance. Eitarou explained to the group that the scrolls they produced were obviously faked. [4]

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