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The Scorpion Clan Champion was the daimyo of the Scorpion Clan, and was often nicknamed the "Lord of Secrets" within the clan. [1]

Secrets Edit

During one thousand years the Scorpion daimyo was the only one who knew where the twelve Black Scrolls were located.

Since the reign of Bayushi Oshiso until the second Day of Thunder the Scorpion daimyo was the only who knew the true identity of the Dragon Clan Champion, the kami Togashi. They used to seek his counsel and to learn those secrets Togashi allowed them to know. [2]

Known Champions of the Scorpion Clan Edit

The following were the known Champions of the Scorpion Clan

Bayushi (c. 5) - 83
Bayushi Ubane 83 - ?
Bayushi Daijin  ? - (c. 90)
Bayushi Tangen  ? - 170
Bayushi Marihime (c.179)
Bayushi Oshiso (c. 230)
Bayushi Atsuki  ? - 426
Bayushi Minoko 426 - 435
Bayushi Junzen 435 - ?
Bayushi Hajioki (late 5th century)
Bayushi Rikoji (c. 510)
Bayushi Tsuya (c.518) - 533
Bayushi Megumi 533 - ?
Bayushi Anjo (c. 589)
Bayushi Hozaru (c. 610)
Bayushi Michisuna (Early 7th century)
Bayushi Hideari (c. 663)
Bayushi Riozu  ? - ? (c. 7-8th centuries)
Bayushi Tenburo (c. 715 - 750)
Bayushi Ogoe (c. 805)
Bayushi Tanjaro (c. 845)
Bayushi Sashiko  ? - ?
Bayushi Shoju  ? - 1123
Bayushi Kachiko 1123 - 1132
Bayushi Yojiro 1132 - 1159
Bayushi Sunetra 1159 - 1166
Bayushi Paneki 1166 - 1172
Bayushi Miyako 1172 - ?
Bayushi Nitoshi  ? - 1200
Bayushi Kanihime 1200 - Present

Unknown Dates Edit

Bayushi Dokata  ? - ?
Bayushi Daijo  ? - ?
Bayushi Gonasu  ? - ?
Bayushi Hajeko's father  ? - ?
Bayushi Hajeko  ? - ?
Bayushi Jo  ? - ?
Bayushi Ujiro  ? - ?

Non Scorpion "Champions" Edit

One time in recorded history, the Scorpion Clan Champion was not a Scorpion. Following a battle between the Crab and Scorpion where both champions died, the Emperor at the time was so furious that he did not accept the rule of the next Champions. Instead he temporarily appointed two Seppun sozokunin, or Acting Champions, to rule until the next Winter Court to ensure the differences were resolved without more bloodshed.[3]


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