Bayushi Courtier

Bayushi Courtier

The Bayushi Courtiers was the primary courtier school of the Scorpion Clan.

Dojo Edit

One of the best known dojo of the Bayushi Courtiers was the Dojo of Lies in Ryoko Owari. [1]

Renown Edit

The Bayushi Courtiers earned a reputation as ruthless pragmatics, and if you were not their ally then you were their enemy. The Bayushi courtiers were however fully aware of this reputation, as they spent the past centuries cultivating it. This reputation aided the courtier in his tasks, and even though they might threaten to do something they rarely expected to have to go through with their threat. This did not however mean they were not capable to do so if needed. Their foremost skills lay in convincing their targets that co-operation would be far less painful than opposition. They would often choose this course of persuasion because it had proven just as effective, if not more so, than the friendly "gift giving" of the Doji Courtier. [2]

Known Sensei Edit

Famous students Edit

Known Bayushi Courtier Techniques Edit

Bayushi Courtier 2

Bayushi Courtier

This was a list of the known Bayushi Courtier Techniques: [3]

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