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Bayushi Chou was advisor to Yogo Maiku, governor of Zakyo Toshi after the ronin city was annexed in 1170 by the Scorpion Clan. [1]

Infiltrator Edit

Chou was trained with the Shosuro Infiltrator, becoming extremely adept at long-term covert missions, and had spent many years wandering Rokugan developing false personas. [2]

Zakyo Toshi Edit

In Zakyo Toshi he worked for his clan in the persona of Tamotsu, gleaning useful information disguised as a ronin. He appeared to be a thirtyish wave man, with affable demeanor and quick wit, wearing brown clothing and carrying a very well-used daisho set. He passed information to his lord Maiku using several redundant dead drops, placing identical copies of each message in several different locations. [2]

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