Bayushi Bushi

Bayushi Bushi

The Bayushi Bushi school was founded by the Kami Bayushi. The Bayushi had no renowned warriors because they preferred anonymity. The Bayushi style was unorthodox and relayed in feints, disarming techniques and methods that disconcerted enemies like left-handed duelists. They stroke quickly and left his enemy unable to retaliate. [1]

Motto Edit

The school had a motto, "Strike First. Strike last". [2]

Training Edit

They mainly trained the katana and the bow, and expected to be swordmasters, without discouraging other kind of weapons. [1]

Tradition Edit

The Scorpion welcomed students from other Clans, but the power of the school was the combination between techniques and philosophy of the Clan. Six days a week all the students trained together, but the seventh the sensei met with the Scorpion only, and discussed what they had learned from the weaknessses in their visitor's techniques. [1]

Techniques Edit

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