Bayushi Baka was a Emerald Magistrate of the Scorpion Clan.

Appearance Edit

Baka was a tall, slender man whose heavy hair was pulled back from fine features and attentive eyes. A half mask of black wool covered the top portion of his face and nose. [1]

The rescue of Doji Ninube Edit

The daughter of Doji Mikara had been disappeared when in route to Phoenix lands, where she would met her husband to be, Isawa Ujina. Baka was part of a group of Imperial magistrates who moved to find her. Baka stayed behind because he was unwell, and his companions never returned. [2]

Returning home Edit

A new rescue party was formed, and Kitsuki Kaagi invited Baka to join it. The Scorpion skipped it arguing he had been requested to return Kyuden Bayushi. The lie was caught by the Kitsuki Magistrate, and Baka explained he knew their companions would be doomed with or without him, so he remained far from the danger. Baka counseled Kaagi how to avoid risks when dealing with Shadows. [1]

Lying Darkness Edit

Baka knew a little about the Lying Darkness, he believed it was a subtle corruption from the Shadowlands. Baka knew it stroke a samurai when he was alone, and he also suspected that his own Clan had a bargain with it. [3]

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