Bayushi Azumamoru

Bayushi Azumamoru

Bayushi Azumamoru was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan and student of the Bitter Lies.

Early Years Edit

Azumamoru was born albino, and he was found as a baby on the steps of Shimomura Dojo with only a wakizashi. He was raised by the sensei of the dojo, who had lost his own son. After passing his gempukku Azumamoru chose to wear a mask that drew attention to his appearance. He regularly fought illegally against anyone to hone his skills. [1]

The Poison Blade Edit

Azumamoru earned the title ‘Poison Blade’ for his fighting style, using the Kusarigama to grapple his opponent, which gave hin the opportunity to scratch them once with his poison blade. He would switch to a defensive style of fighting, waiting the debilitating venom to kill his opponent. [1]

Quest Edit

His past was a mystery he was desperate to unravel. He eventually learned of a baby taken from a palanquin and left on the dojo steps, and the palanquins travel papers had bought them to Shimomura from the monastery of Dangai. Azumamoru requested to undertake a musha shugyo, to investigate if the monastery had records of an unusual child being born there 20 years ago. [1]

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