Bayushi Arashii

Bayushi Arashii

Bayushi Arashii was a bushi and ninja of the Scorpion Clan.

Early Years Edit

Arashii was born to a poor vassal family of the Bayushi. His sensei quickly noticed his skill with the blade, and his proficiency in its use with both hands. At the same time, his cruelty towards fallen opponents caught the attenlion of other Sensei. He was sent in 1165 to the Dragon to train in the famous Niten style. [1]

Appearance Edit

He was an unassuming man who others found him no different from hundreds of other Scorpion, but for his distinguishing “mask,” donned by his grandfather alongside his armor, made from many pieces of sculpted copper and bronze. His ancestor had been exiled in the Burning Sands and brought to slavery by the Senpet. The armor was made of many bits of armor, trinkets, and weapons from this gaijin. The language of the Senpet and the knowledge of that land was handed down to Arashii along with the armor. [2]

Rain of Blood Edit

Soon after arriving in Dragon lands, Iuchiban unleashed the Rain of Blood upon Rokugan. Arashii took the opporunity and killed the rain-maddened Iron Mountain sensei, who had constantly mistreated the young Scorpion. Mirumoto Agito, who had seen the event, took Arashii under his wing. After his gempukku Agito gifted Arashii with an exquisite daisho. [1]

Nemesis Edit

During an exhibition duel in the Scorpion lands, Arashii was involved in a duel at the behest of his lord, and killed a young Crane duelist. She was betrothed to a Crab duelist, Yasuki Dayu, who became his nemesis. They eventually were selected as competitors in the Test of the Emerald Champion in 1169. [1]

Emerald Contender Edit

Arashii was a competitor in the Emerald Championship of 1169, losing many of his competitions intentionally. He knew such a prominent life was not for him. [2]

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