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Clan War Information Edit

Bayushi Aramoro 3

Bayushi Aramoro

Bayushi Aramoro

Values Edit

Air 5 Earth 5 Fire 5 Water 3 Void 4
TN 8
Wounds 5
ATT +2
DAM +2
#S 2

Skills Edit

Battle 3
Leadership 3
Defense 3
Iaijutsu 3

Special Edit

  • Ninja
  • Unique
  • Aramoro’s unit may not be targeted with a ninja action
  • All Scorpion units nearby Undead Shoju ignore all Fear effects

Equipment Edit

Identifiers Edit

Cost 218
Profession Scorpion Samurai
Glory 6
Honor 1

Major References Edit

  • Clan War: Scorpion Army Expansion, page 23

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