Bayushi Aotora 
Bayushi Aotora 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Aotora 
Siblings: Un-named sister,
three un-named siblings 
Titles: Poison Master
Aotora Daimyo

Bayushi Aotora was a ninja Poison Master of the Aotora family, vassal of the Bayushi family, and son of Aotora.

Poison Master Edit

The entire Aotora family tended the gardens of Kyuden Bayushi to document the effects and antidotes on plant poisons. Three of his siblings, his mother and his grandmother died in a single afternoon, after they accidentally exposed themselves to a potent slow-acting contact poison his father was researching. In their beautiful garden [1] he continued the research becoming a Poison Master. [2]

Daimyo Edit

After the dead of his father in 1149 he became the new Aotora Daimyo. [1]

Shadowed Tower Edit

Aotora claimed to kill all the traitors of the Shadowed Tower. [3]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Aotora Daimyo
1149 - current
Succeeded by:


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