Bayushi Akeu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Several un-named 
Spouse: Doji Shogo's sister 
Children: Un-named children

Soshi Akeu before he passed his gempukku swore fealty to the Bayushi, becoming Bayushi Akeu, a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Appearance and demeanor Edit

Akeu was a smart and small man who wore big robes to appear larger. He was a quiet reserved man who prefered to wait in the background, and watch the others. [1]

Childhood Edit

Akeu was the youngest of his siblings. At the age of eight, stood before a Bayushi just past his gempukku named Bayushi Aramoro, and claimed his wish to serve to the Bayushi. Aramoro was impressed by the sincerity and reverence of the child, who was accepted at the Bayushi Courtier school. [1]

Courtier Edit

Through blackmail Akeu has amassed quite a number of favors. In return for a favor, he earned a Doji bride. [1]

Doji Shogo Edit

In the wedding celebrations his married brother-in-law, Doji Shogo, fell upon the plum brandy and the charms of Akeu's sister. The next morning Shogo owed him his silence. Akeu explained one day would visit the Crane's house to introduce himself to Shogo's wife, Doji Masekari. Two years later Akeu invited Shogo to see him at Gyugurin, a small village in the Crab lands, and since his departure, no news of his whereabouts had reached Otosan Uchi. [1]

Doji Masekari Edit

Akeu had fallen in love of the beautiful Masekari, and had devised a plan to clean the path to her. When Shogo disappeared, he introduce himself to Masekari, showing a strong interest in her. Through conversations Akeu had begun to affect her judgment and disposition, and quickly rumors and gossip coursed through the Imperial Court. Akeu spread word that Shogo had died, and tried to simultaneously assuaged and fed her fears. [2]

Ide Tadaji Edit

Akeu was politically outmanouvered by Ide Tadaji when he tried to discredit an aging Daidoji Yojimbo, Daidoji Tenkazu. [3]

Winter Court - 1123 Edit

Despite Akeu was a young courtier his marriage to a Doji had been noted by the Bayushi, so his invitation in 1123 to the winter court at Kyuden Seppun was a shock. [1]

Seppun Kossori Edit

Akeu during the Court was the target of the romantic attentions of Seppun Kossori, a round courtier who was drunk at that time. Akeu threatened to kill her if any word of the scene was ever known. [4]

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