Please note: This article is about the samurai-ko. For other uses of the term, please see Aiko (disambiguation).

Bayushi Aiko was a samurai-ko of the Scorpion Clan. She met and fell in love with Doji Saito, yojimbo to a Crane magistrate sent to the Scorpion lands to receive custody of a criminal. The “criminal” was, in fact, a Shosuro Shinobi who had been caught spying for the Scorpion while in his disguise, and the Clan of Secrets was willing to kill the magistrate rather than let one of their agents fell into the hands of a rival clan. Aiko decided to lure Saito away so that he was not with his charge when the assassination took place. Saito returned to his clan in shame, and he was banished for dereliction and became a ronin. Aiko never saw Saito again. [1]


  1. Fealty and Freedom, p. 143

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