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Bayushi Adachi

Bayushi Adachi

Bayushi Adachi was a bushi and magistrate who loyally served the Scorpion Clan in the City of Lies for many years.

Appearance Edit

Bayushi Adachi 2

Armored Adachi

Adachi was a lusciously beautiful woman who used to wear a scandalously stylized ceremonial armor. [1] She was nicknamed the White Mask during her time at Ryoko Owari Toshi, named so both for the white face paint she favored over a Scorpion's traditional mask and for her apparent unwillingness to indulge in the corruption and vice that consumed the city. [2]

Magistrate Edit

Adachi was connected in ways no one could quite explain with the deaths of several people who had made themselves inconvenient to the Scorpion Clan. [1] She destroyed two different illegal smuggling cartels, and when the local crime syndicates attempted to remove her, on each of the three occasions they had failed, and the assassins publicly executed by Adachi herself. [2]

Blackmailing Edit

Ryoko Owari was under Unicorn rule, a fact that Adachi wished to change. Ide Haranobu, owner of the House of the Gilded Cricket, had shady dealing with the Moment's Edge Firemen. In 1166 she blackmailed the Unicorn, threatening to expose him as a magistrate's agent to the firemen gang, and obtained a share on Haranobu's profits, which Adachi would fund the Scorpion claim on the city. [2]

Enlightenment Edit

During her time in the City of Lies, Adachi had seen both the best and the worst parts of human nature, from the honorable Unicorn struggling to defeat the criminals within the city, to the criminals themselves, desperate and evil men willing to sacrifice anything to achieve their goals. Adachi well understood the line between good and evil, honor and dishonor, and she had learned that one must strike a balance between those polar opposites in order to exist in harmony with the world. [3]

The Vacant Throne Edit

During the regency of the Empress Toturi Kurako the Shogun Kaneka did not act to take the empty Throne. The Imperial Chancellor Bayushi Kaukatsu became an ally of the Khan Moto Chagatai in his secret agenda, the Khan's Defiance. Kaneka was protecting the capital Toshi Ranbo, Chgatai's main target. Kakukatsu plotted to undermine the Shogun, and sent Adachi to meet Kakita Munemori. She passed a complete listing of all the forces the Shogun had at his command, including those who did not normally appear in the reports of his quartermasters, which could be used by the Crane Clan. [1]

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