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Bayushi's Promise

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Bayushi's Promise was a book written by Bayushi Namaru, a Scorpion Clan writer. It was believed to be the most poignant telling among the seven stories of the Scorpion Clan's foundation.

Excerpts Edit

In one of the excerpts, Namaru described the scene when Hantei asked Bayushi to assume the role of his underhand, as well as that of the villain, and to establish all his descendants to serve the Hantei line in that manner. Hantei enumerated all the other Kami, giving different reasons for why they couldn't be given that task, and Bayushi finally accepted. But as he accepted, Bayushi reminded Hantei that should he ever betray Bayushi or his children, he should remember that they never faced each other at the contest. [1]

"I will be your villain, Hantei."
-Bayushi [2]


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