Please note: This article is about the mask of the Kami Bayushi. For other uses of the term, please see Bayushi's Mask (disambiguation).
Bayushi's Mask 
Bayushi's Mask
Created by: Bayushi
First used by: Bayushi
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Bayushi's Mask was a scrap of silk that the Kami Bayushi used to hide his face after he was taught by Shinsei, prior to the Tournament of the Kami. It started the tradition of the Scorpion Clan to wear masks, [1] telling to others a Scorpion could not be trusted. [2]

Bayushi's Vanishment Edit

Bayushi left the mask behind on the day he disappeared, to be found by his son Bayushi Ubane. The mask had been passed down from Bayushi Daimyo to Bayushi Daimyo. It reached Bayushi Shoju, [3] but it was not known what happened to the mask after the Scorpion Coup.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The mask was an ordinary looking piece of scarlet silk about four feet long. [4] Its wielder was immune to any "lie detector" effects, magical or mundane. Anything he said had a slight ring of truth and listeners want to believe him. Everything he said sonded very plausible and pleasantly agreeable. [3]

Known Wielders Edit

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